Ouzo Plomari 700ml-Ουζο πλωμάρι


what is ouzo?
Ouzo is a pure product of the earth.
It is based on an extract of grains and is flavoured through the process of distillation in traditional copper stills (alembics), with seeds and herbs. Its most prominent herb,anise, gives ouzo its characteristic aroma.

How to drink ouzo:Ritual
In front of a small plate of treats, Ouzo is enjoyed in its own special way.
The rules that follow are not binding but they compose
what we call the “ritual of ouzo”
-Face to Face. The time for ouzo is not a time for food.
It is a time for friends. Opposites attract.
The tastes that go with ouzo are conflicting and intense.
Ouzo combines the sour and the salty, the sweet
and the bitter. One for all and all for one!
One meze of every kind is enough. The mezes are there
to stimulate our taste, not to make us full.

-Always with company. Ouzo is always better with water or ice, not neat.
The ice gives ouzo the right temperature, while water provides the characteristic
white colour/emulsion that we all love. A detail that is good to know is that the best way to serve ouzo
is to add the water before the ice so that the temperature is reduced
gradually and the aromas are released properly.
-Frugality is key. There is no need for huge platters. The treats must be small and renewable
so that they are visible in the plate and offered easily.
Above all: Don’t forget to improvise!
Only through improvising, will you appreciate the experience of authenticity

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