Black eye Beans 3alfa (500 g) Μαυρομάτικα φασόλια 3 Αλφα


Mavromatika 3alfa Beans are beans with a fragrant aroma, creamy texture and special taste. Ideal for salads or smart healthy recipes. Black-eyed beans, which we and the Chinese also eat green beans, do not belong to the same family as the other beans. They come from Asia and not from America. They contain a significant amount of vitamin A and are found in many foods in Africa and the American South. Beans are considered one of the first foods of humans. There are indications that they existed 1000 years ago in Central America and Peru. They were introduced to Europe by the Spanish conquerors to conquer the rest of the world. A perennial herbaceous plant, short shrub or climbing plant belongs to the legumes, while there are about 150 species, of which 11 are cultivated worldwide. Beans are grown almost all over the world. Various varieties come from either Africa or South America. Growing beans is not demanding. They prefer light, dry and warm soil. In Greece they are cultivated with excellent results in Macedonia, in the northern Peloponnese, in Thrace. They are rich in iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates, proteins and B vitamins and are a complete meal.

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