Kritsinia £28.00kilo

The breadstick is an elongated, savory pastry of Italian and Greek cuisine, which is crispy wrapped in sesame. It is usually made from flour, yeast, water, olive oil or sunflower oil, salt and sesame and is about 20 cm long. Hard yellow cheese, such as parmesan, kefalotyri or kefalograviera, is often added. 

                       Margarita Biscuits     £28/Kilo

             Margarita biscuits filled with chocolate or                           vanilla-cream.


             STRAWBERRY BISCUITS £28.00/kg

Cookies with Strawberry, cream and powdered sugar


                Petit-four £28.00/kilo

           Apricot, jam, chocolate, coconut

                        Mocha cookies £28.00/kg 
         Mocha cream, and small pieces of chocolate
                       Tahini ‘bueno’ (V)      £28/Kilo
A bueno-like biscuit filled with tahini. Made with olive oil and sesame seeds so perfect for vegans.
fraoula taxini



                       Vanilla cookies £28.00kg

                       Vanilla and Chocolate chip
moustokouloura 3
     Moustokouloura (grape-must cookies)(V)    £28/Kilo
A traditional biscuit usually eaten at lent (no butter!) made from grape-must. Perfect for dunking
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