£0.50 each

Small syrup-dipped fried sweets. Traditional Greek sweet to cancel the bitterness of a Greek coffee.

Assorted Chocolates

£0.75 - £1.00 each

Chocolate bars made in Greece. The selection includes dark, white and milk chocolates filled with nuts, dried fruit and brandy. Perfect as a gift or to have at home for guests.

Ravani Cake


Greek coconut cake made with semolina, yoghurt and honey. Flavoured with orange zest.



A Greek walnut cake scented with cinnamon and clove


£2.00/£3.50 each (small/big)

Everyone's favourite. Sweet filo pastry filled with nuts and coated in a honey-sweetened syrup.


£2.00/£3.50 each (small/big)

A traditional Greek dessert of semolina custard-filled filo pastry.


£2.00/£3.50 each (small/big)

Kataifi noodle-like pastry wrapped around walnuts and dipped in syrup.

Lemon Cake


The Greek version of an all-time favourite.