Bougatsa with Cheese


Filo pastry filled with creamy feta cheese.

Feta Cheese Pie


Crispy layered filo pastry filled with feta cheese. Made either with traditional pastry or puff filo pastry. A Greek classic.



A pastry triangle filled with smooth feta cheese and spinach. Can also be made in traditional pastry.

Potato Pie


Traditional flat, crispy pastry filled with potato, vegetables and herbs. A perfect savory meal.

Mushroom Pie


Traditional flat, crispy pastry filled with mushrooms, vegetables and herbs. A must for mushroom lovers.



A sweet breakfast pastry filled with semolina and vanilla custard. Served with icing sugar and cinnamon on top. Perfect with a coffee to start the day.

Chicken & Sausage Roll


Creamy chicken filled sausage roll packed with herbs and spices to give a flavorsome punch.. Not your average sausage roll.

Double Sausage Roll


Two sausages side by side in a brioche pastry filled with bechamel and melted cheese or bacon.

Chicken Flutes


A pastry filled with succulent chicken cooked in bechamel with herbs and spices.

Brioche Hamburger


Brioche bread filled with a hamburger with herbs and cheese.

Meditarrenean Bread


A thick pastry filled with olives, feta and sund-dried tomatoes. The perfect Meditarrenean delight.

All pastries are oven baked that morning. Some pastries might not be available everyday as the pastry selection can vary slightly day to day.